Atttacks on president deserve retort

August 7, 2018

I really don’t like writing to defend President Donald Trump every week. There are many more issues that need review and commentary.

However, the attacks on our president are fanatically relentless. Every week, the left hauls out yet another crisis which the lapdog media picks up, triggering Swamp People and Hollywood to wail over and … boom, we have a bombshell ... news at 10. I’m getting weary just dodging bombshells.

It has gotten so bad, I’m afraid people reading this column are going to lose interest. My commentaries really weren’t meant to be a compendium called the Trump Defender. And yet, I feel compelled to say something rational in his defense, particularly here in the state of Madigan.

If you think about it, we had eight years of relative tranquility by a fawning media during the Great Socialist Experiment. Since, it has been an 18-month blitzkrieg of daily floggings about Trump by the media — some of it even partially true.

A recent shiny object to gawk at and gnash teeth about is Trump evidently made a verbal mistake concerning lack of support of our intelligence agencies, seemingly siding with Vladimir Putin, the Russian, over America. Reminds one of what the Democrats and their media arm do when siding with everybody and anything over the sitting American president.

Trump reversed himself a few days later, claiming he used a wrong word. While I don’t believe Trump should put any stock in anything Russian goon Putin utters, why would Trump have any faith in our intelligence? When deep, dark Swamp Creatures James Comey, Jim Clapper, Peter Strzok and John Brennan, to name a few, are being yanked out of the Swamp muck like catfish, only uglier, how could anyone trust the advice of that back-stabbing motley crew?

By the way, it was this crew that was asleep at the wheel when the Russian voter interference started. Our media must have been tenderly spooning the motley crew at this time as they didn’t bother to report on it either. Well, it was during the Great Socialist Experiment, when the press was slobbering on the “Chosen One.”

Then there is the bombshell report that Trump had a private meeting with Putin, and would you believe that he wouldn’t tell anyone what they talked about? One Facebooker suggested that perhaps Trump should tell the media that he and Putin were talking about golf and grandchildren. That explanation worked for the media during the Great Socialist Experiment. Or possibly he sold 20 percent more of our uranium.

Shortly before Trump signaled the end of the world as we know it with his “gaffe” in Helsinki, the media and the Swamp railed against Trump for the way he galumphed through Europe supposedly embarrassing us with poor decorum before the European socialists at the NATO meetings. For the record, he didn’t embarrass me, how ’bout you?

The national headlines were full of Monday-morning quarterbacks on Trump’s many perceived faults when handling diplomatic relations, even down to his meeting with the queen of England. Did you know, according to media sources, he had the audacity to be 10 minutes late to a meeting with an elderly lady in a funny hat who has absolutely no authority whatsoever on the world stage?

Everyone in Washington and their media brethren were all aflutter about Trump’s pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. There is no reason to go too deep into this as, by all accounts he picked a great individual with Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Suffice to say, Trump could have picked Jesus Christ and Chuck Schumer would have had a problem with it. Now that I write those words, I guess it would be true that Chuck and company would be against Jesus since something inside me says Jesus just might not go along with this Roe v. Wade madness either.

Before that, the world also was going to collapse, and it was Trump’s fault, because kids were being separated at the border from their parents. I believe that number was about 2,000 to 3,000 children who were sadly separated when their parents, or people claiming to be their parents, illegally tried to enter the country. Why is it so hard for liberals to understand the word “illegally?” Are they really that obtuse?

Anyway, if they are so concerned about kids being separated from parents, where is their concern for those millions of children, who happen to be legal U.S. citizens and left alone when their parents are thrown in jail or sent overseas to defend our country? Here’s an idea: Why can’t Americans come first?

Along with this issue, according to liberal-think, it has become all the rage to eliminate the enforcement agency we have for illegal aliens coming across the border. As fermented in the minds of liberals, and trumpeted and exploited by our media, the Immigration Customs Enforcement division, known as ICE, now should be eliminated because, well, they are doing their job and stopping some of the flow of illegal aliens, also known as future Democratic voters.

Now, I want all of you to keep in mind, these illegal alien issues and ICE all existed during the time of the Great Socialist Experiment. We didn’t hear much about this problem then — why do you suppose the national media didn’t pick it up and exploit it back then? If you have a legitimate answer to that question, I’ll pay you $5.

Sorry, but I’m starting to blur some of the perceived Trump blunders and timelines as I write this. The week before all this I think Trump ate the entire third-grade class at a New Jersey parochial school … or was that last month?

But through all this, one raging question keeps rattling around in this thick head of mine. Who was able to shut Maxine Waters up about impeaching Trump?

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