Red Sox Were Generous with Playoff Bonus Money

November 27, 2018

This Red Sox team was not only the best in franchise history, but it was also the most generous in recent franchise history.

According to figures released by the players’ association, the Red Sox awarded 66 full playoff shares, with each share worth $416,837.

The total of 66 full shares easily tops totals from the other three championship squads from this century, and is more than any Red Sox playoff team dating back to 2004, excluding the 2005 team, whose generosity could not be immediately obtained.

Working from a pool of $31.75 million based on a formula of gate receipts from the playoffs -- 50 percent of gate receipts go to the players, the other half to the teams -- the Red Sox also awarded 10 partial shares and eight cash awards. Players typically take a vote on how to divvy up shares in the last week or two of the regular season, with players who were with the team all season managing the distribution discussion.

Red Sox teams have been getting more generous with their full share distribution the last three years. Last year’s Red Sox team awarded 65 full shares, one fewer than this year, plus 10 partial shares and six cash awards. In 2016 the team awarded 61 full shares, with 10 partial shares and 14 cash awards.

Before 2016, the other Red Sox playoff teams did not break 60 full shares and in some years -- 2007, 2008, 2009 -- the team distributed fewer than 50 shares.

The 2013 championship Red Sox team voted 58 full shares, each worth $307,322, with 15 partial shares and 21 cash awards. The 2007 team issued only 47 full shares ($308,235), with 14 partial shares and 11 cash awards. The 2004 championship team issued 58 full shares, 29 partial shares with eight cash awards. A full share that year was worth $223,619.

The 2009 playoff team was the stingiest team on the full-share front, voting 42 full shares, with 18 partial shares and 64 cash awards.

Of the other nine playoff teams in 2018, the Yankees were the most miserly, giving out 45 full shares with 22 partial shares and two cash awards. Losers in the Division Series to the Red Sox, a Yankee player with a full share received a check worth $43,081.

The runner-up Dodgers awarded one more full share, 67, than the Red Sox. Their full share was worth $262,047.

All the playoff teams split a pot worth a record $88,188,633.

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