NEW YORK (AP) _ Dwight Evans enjoyed Boston's victory in Game 1 of the World Series, even though he didn't have a nice trip.

Evans claimed he was tripped by New York Mets third baseman Ray Knight on a play in which he was thrown out at the plate in the ninth inning of the Red Sox's 1-0 triumph Saturday night.

Evans was on second base with one out and Boston leading 1-0 when Dave Henderson singled. Evans tried to score and was thrown out by left fielder Kevin Mitchell.

''Knight dove for the ball and stuck out his foot while he was lying there,'' Evans said. ''I stepped on his leg. I lost a step and was thrown out by two.

''Good play. Smart. No one saw it,'' Evans said.

Knight said contact had occurred, but said it was not intentional.

''I didn't try to get out of his way,'' Knight admitted. ''But I didn't go out of my way to trip him.

''I could tell he was coming. It was one of those things that just happens.''