Application for CPS board looms

September 19, 2018

Almost 10 memorable years have passed since I began my position as a member of the CPS Energy board. In that time, I have worked to support the company not only in its day-to-day operations but also as it faced challenges from extreme weather temperatures, devastating storms or other complexities that affect electric and gas utilities.

CPS Energy devotes hours of planning and preparation to maintaining adequate supplies of energy during the long, hot summer and the bitter, cold winter. Being prepared also helps ensure that employees, vehicles and equipment are in place before, during and after service-altering storms. Many additional employees work behind the scenes, such as call center staff and field support personnel, both day and night to assist customers in their time of need. Meeting the future energy needs of our community is critical and is evidenced by emerging research and exploration of new technologies.

My fellow board members and I have observed CPS Energy steadily investing in generation diversification, infrastructure, training and new technologies. As new methods of energy generation move from the theoretical to the practical, the CPS Energy management team has created its Flexible Path framework, which incorporates new technologies to meet future production needs while eliminating emissions. This ambitious plan is attainable due to the strong leadership of Paula Gold-Williams, president and CEO of CPS Energy, the talent of her management team and the diverse perspectives that the CPS Energy board of trustees provide the company.

Over the years, I have been honored to witness CPS Energy’s eagerness to adapt to better serve our community and humbled to witness the compassion of the company and its customers to help those in need. I have seen many significant changes and developments, and am confident that the leadership of CPS Energy will continue down this path as evidenced by its strong stance on air quality and other environmental issues. These are but a few of the benefits that arise from having a highly rated, well-managed electric and gas utility owned by the city.

My term of service will expire at the end of January. The board application process for my replacement has begun. I call on interested community members who live in the Southwest Quadrant of CPS Energy’s service area to consider applying.

Working with a board that not only cares for the management of the utility but also for the betterment of San Antonio is rewarding. Civic-minded residents who reside in the Southwest Quadrant of CPS Energy’s service area have an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community. I encourage you to apply for the Southwest Quadrant 4 board of trustees position.

The deadline to apply has been extended to 5 p.m. Oct. 12. The application and position qualifications are on the CPS Energy website — cpsenergy.com/trustees.

Homer Guevara Jr. is an economics and government professor at Northwest Vista College and a CPS Energy board trustee who represents the Southwest Quadrant.

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