PARIS (AP) _ France today expressed opposition to a proposed European Union trade agreement with the United States, arguing the accord would tie its hands and threaten key French sectors.

The plan, called the New Transatlantic Marketplace, was outlined yesterday by the EU's executive agency, the European Commission.

It calls for the elimination of all industrial tariffs between the EU's 15 member nations and the United States by the year 2010, as well as create a free trade area in services and ease barriers further in investment and government purchases of goods and services.

``The New Transatlantic Marketplace seems to contradict the European Union's goal to reinforce multilateral relations within the World Trade Organization,'' Foreign Ministry spokesman Yves Doutriaux said.

``It could introduce particular problems in the sensitive sectors of agriculture and the media,'' he said.

The package of measures must be approved by the group's member nations.