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Kentucky Proposes Curbside Pickup

January 25, 2001

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) _ Gov. Paul Patton proposed mandatory curbside garbage pickup at every home in the state Thursday in hopes of breaking Kentuckians’ habit of dumping everything from rusty appliances to kitchen garbage in the hills and hollows.

Under the proposed legislation, each county would decide how to provide trash pickup. Homeowners and businesses would pay the cost, which Patton said averages $10.58 per month where service is already available.

``We’re already spending taxpayer dollars to clean up other people’s trash. We just need to get everybody to pay for their own,″ said James Bickford, secretary of the state Natural Resources Cabinet.

Until 20 years ago, trash service was rare if not unheard of in eastern Kentucky. The mountainous terrain made sewer lines difficult and expensive to install, and coal company towns were flimsily constructed.

Each county is now supposed to provide a way for people to dispose of garbage, but in many communities that consists of nothing more than a centrally located Dumpster. The result, according to the state, is about 3,000 illegal dumps.

Another Democrat, House Majority Floor Leader Greg Stumbo, proposed his own plan on Wednesday, which includes a half-cent fee on fast-food cups and other containers.

Political opposition to any tax, fee or deposit is stiff. Senate President David Williams, a Republican, has already declared any proposals that raise money dead for this session.

Patton has previously backed mandatory curbside pickup and bottle deposits, but the measures failed, partly because some legislators said residents statewide should not have to pay for eastern Kentucky’s problems.


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