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Man Promises to Get Teen-age Wife to School

April 21, 1987

COVINGTON, Ky. (AP) _ The husband of a pregnant, 13-year-old girl has promised to get her to junior high school after a judge refused to exempt her from mandatory attendance.

Eighteen-year-old Richard Partin spent the Easter weekend in jail after Kenton County Juvenile Court Judge Wilfred Schroder ruled that he was responsible for not sending his wife, Rachel, to school.

Schroder sentenced Mrs. Partin last week to begin serving 22 days in a juvenile detention center, attending classes during the day at Conner Junior High School in Hebron.

She missed classes Monday because of problems arranging transportation from the detention center, Juvenile Court officials said.

Partin promised to get her to class on time today, and went to the Juvenile Court detention unit to get her and take her to school himself, officials said.

He blamed court authorities for her missing Monday. ″A lot of them seemed to have the attitude like ’who cares?,‴ he said.

The eighth-grade dropout told the court he had taken his wife to school several times but that she didn’t stay in class.

The Partins were married Jan. 13. Kentucky has no age limit for marriage, requiring only that a minor who wishes to marry have parental or guardian consent. Mrs. Partin is expecting a baby in December.

Mrs. Partin’s grandmother, Gertrude Henson, said she had raised the girl since she was 7 months old and had signed the permission form for her to marry.

″There was no way I could refuse to do it. She is very, very strong- headed,′ ′ Mrs. Henson said.

Mrs. Partin gave the judge a letter from Gov. Martha Layne Collins citing Kentucky law exempting a married child under age 16 from compulsory school attendance. The judge declined to exempt her.

″My policy is that any ward of this court must go to school until they are 18,″ the judge said. ″She’s a street-wise little girl, but she’s still a little girl.″

Partin said the judge’s ruling is unfair.

″In December, the baby’s going to be born,″ Partin said. ″And when it is, I’m not going to force her to go to school if she doesn’t want to.″

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