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AM-Prep: Kickers

April 4, 2019


MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Afraid of spiders? If so, you would not have wanted to be around when Philippine customs officials checked out some baggage that came in from Poland. That’s because the shipment included 757 tarantulas. The arachnids were tucked in among some nicely gift-wrapped boxes of cookies and oatmeal. Customs officials say many of the baby-sized tarantulas were nestled in small, see-through plastic vials that had air holes poked in. Later when a man showed up to claim the shipment, he was detained. Officials estimate the value of the unusual but illegal shipment at $5,900.


YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) — What’s good for the goose — isn’t necessarily good for students, teachers and personnel at Eastern Michigan University. Officials say some geese have gone rogue — being very aggressive toward those on campus. In one case, video in Instagram shows a goose chasing a person in a school parking lot. A university official says it isn’t unusual for geese to hang out on campus this time of year — and no one has reported injuries as a result of the goose attacks. Police say in the attack recorded on video, two geese are nesting in the area — and the birds are protective.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — It can be awkward to be arrested. It’s got to be even more awkward to be arrested while sitting naked in a sauna. That’s what happened in a suburb of Stockholm — where an off-duty police officer found himself taking some steam in the same sauna as a fugitive who had dodged a jail sentence for aggravated assault, among other offenses. After the two eyed each other, the naked police officer told the man he should consider himself under arrest. Authorities say the officer summoned colleagues to apprehend the fugitive. Other than the steamy circumstances, police say the bust “was un-dramatic” — and that the wanted man didn’t try to flee.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II