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Woman Finds Crumpled $8 Million Lotto Ticket In Purse

October 31, 1995

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ There between the gum wrappers, keys and broken-bristled brush, Beatrice Esquivel found a crumpled three-week old Lotto ticket she hadn’t checked.

Now the woman and her husband Antonio are $8 million richer. They were the only winners in the Oct. 7 drawing.

Their home in a working-class area of Oakland was shuttered and dark Monday, with the couple on their way to parts unknown.

``She just found it Friday,″ said Norma Minas, spokeswoman for the California Lottery. ``I think what happens is people play for fun and entertainment, and when you play all the time, you don’t always check your tickets.″

The Esquivels bought the ticket at the Baker Street cookie store in nearby Alameda. The business will receive a $40,000 cut.

The Esquivels will receive $400,000 annually for the next 20 years, or about $288,000 after taxes.

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