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March 22, 1989

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) _ The Easter egg hunt had turned into such a scramble that smaller children were left with bumps on their heads and empty baskets.

So the city canceled the competition this year and replaced it with a jelly bean counting contest.

Parents had complained in recent years that with 2,000 to 3,000 kids scurrying after hidden eggs, the smaller children garnered nothing but bruises and tears.

″Parents would lose sight of their kids and go in after them,″ said Keith Mensing of the park department. ″Last year we had a lot of complaints and letters to the editor from people upset about it.″

Mensing said that since Easter came early this year, organizers had another reason to take activities inside rather than rely on good weather.

The egg hunt is being replaced with Saturday’s ″Easter Eggstravaganza,″ featuring face painting, a coloring contest, and a jelly bean counting contest.


MILWAUKEE (AP) - Wisconsin electors will vote April 4 on a tax measure so turgidly worded that not even linguistics specialists can figure out what it means.

The ballot will read:

″Shall Section 1 of Article VIII of the Constitution be revised, and shall an additional provision be created in that section, to allow the State of Wisconsin to provide by law property tax relief or sales tax relief, or both, to the citizens of the state, subject to reasonable classification and progressive effect on the tax system, by means of credits or refunds for taxes due under property or sales taxes in this state, to be credited against or refunded from taxes imposed by this state on income, privileges and occupations?″

″Strikingly incomprehensible,″ University of Chicago Professor John Goldsmith said Tuesday after reviewing the question.

″The (federal) tax forms were a model of clarity compared to this,″ said Michael Noonan, a linguist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

But Marquette University English Professor Michael A. Mikolajczak said, ″Someone with a solid high school education should be able to handle it.″

Approval of the measure would allow the Legislature to enact laws providing tax breaks for middle-income residents, analysts say, adding the Democratic plan would cost the state an estimated $370 million in tax revenue this year.

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