Carolyn Blackmore: How to really stop abortion

January 31, 2019

Editor: In her Jan. 29 letter to the editor, Charlene Travelstead says she could not believe what she was hearing and reading about the legalization of abortion in New York. Perhaps she finds it hard to believe because what she appears to be hearing and seeing is fearmongering, political and emotional media spin based on assumptions, not the truth. The governor of New York did not pass a law legalizing abortion. Abortion is already legal in New York, although late term abortions were only legal in cases where the mother’s life is in danger. The new law would also allow late term abortions in cases where the fetus is not viable. I question why anyone would want force a woman to continue with a nonviable pregnancy and make her to give birth to a dead child. Calling abortion murder may be a valid perspective, but it does not help solve the problem. Nor does allowing the news media pull your emotional strings by showing a picture of people reportedly cheering and smiling following an abortion and giving dire warning of people aborting full-term babies instead of putting them up for adoption.

It is easy for us to pass judgment from afar without really understanding all of the different circumstances under which decisions to have an abortion are made. It is easy to believe that in every case a woman is selfishly and immorally choosing her own wants and needs over that of her unborn child. It is simply not that black and white and the best people to make the decision on whether to proceed with an abortion are the people involved (mother, father, family, medical caregivers) not the news media, not the government, and not you.

If you really want to help stop abortion, support efforts to provide all women access to affordable education, women’s healthcare and birth control. A pregnancy avoided will never be terminated with an abortion. Support non-judgmental efforts to provide women what they need physically, financially, emotionally and socially during and after problematic pregnancies.

Carolyn Blackmore

Lake Havasu City

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