Kurt Krueger: 5 values to counter ‘3 Lies’

November 18, 2018


I would like to respond to the “Where the blame really belongs” in your Nov. 17 edition. The author states that Lie No. 1 was that the “Democrats have a monopoly on hate”. Apparently, the author hasn’t watched CNN, MSNBC, or anything Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer says. Lie No. 2 was that the Democrats want open borders because they hate President Trump. Wrong. The democrats want more voters so they can remain in power. Hating Trump is a given.

The author also wanted a “comprehensive immigration plan.” OK, what exactly is a “comprehensive immigration plan?” We keep hearing it ad nauseam but no one gives any details. One detail that is overlooked is that DACA is illegal.

President Obama violated some immigration laws to come up with that program and no one objected because if they did that person/persons would be” racists” (the Democrats’ holy grail).

Lie No. 3 was “the liberals want to win the house and senate to impeach President Trump. Apparently, the author, again, missed what Maxine Waters has been preaching and the “subpoena cannon” with 85+ investigations that the Democrats openly spoke of. How does one miss that?

Another thing I’d like to mention is when politicians keep bring up “American values”. What exactly are “American values”? Can anyone list at least ten of them? I can list some “values” that aren’t on that list:

1) You shall not lie. Can’t have that because most of the media and politicians would be in jail, like Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes.

2) You shall not steal. Can’t have that because the gov’t wouldn’t be able to take money from the social security taxes, revenue from the Dept. of Wildlife, and gasoline taxes, and put them in the general fund.

3) Ban feet that are swift to do evil. Well, we can’t do that because that would stop Calif. Rep. Eric Swalwell from nuking gun owners for not having their guns confiscated (as reported by the Daily Caller) and Maxine Waters as the new House Financial Chair poised to weaken banking regulations threatening the U.S. with another financial crisis.

4) Ban false witnesses that utter lies. Can’t do that either because that would stop the democrats from digging up phoney charges against any and all of Presidents Trumps appointees.

5) Come to think of it, we can’t have any of these “values” because they come from the Bible. And, God forbid us doing that because it’s forcing our religion on someone else and they might be offended.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City

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