Reconstruction work takes winter break

November 22, 2018

A pair of street reconstruction projects are being put on pause for the winter.

Fourth Street Southwest and 18th Avenue Northwest reopen today with one lane of travel in each direction. Work on both streets is expected to restart in the spring.

“We have reached a major milestone with the Fourth Street project,” Rochester Public Works Chris Petree said in a statement on the project. “The improvements made to underground utilities are key to ensuring the service needed both now and into the future is there. This street project demonstrates critical components of future roadways, which are vital to the success of our community.”

On Monday, the Rochester City Council approved the final special assessment for the project, which involved two parcels owned by Christ United Methodist Church. Assessments on all other parcels were approved earlier in the process.

In addition to assessments, the project is being funded through a combination of state DMC funds, state aid and utility funds.

With the end of the construction season, temporary striping will be put in place, but on-street parking will not be allowed.

Work scheduled on Fourth Street Southwest for next year includes installing enhanced pedestrian amenities at the Second Avenue intersection, construction of the city’s first on-street protected bike lanes and new traffic signals at Third and Fourth avenues.

Work to be completed next year on 18th Avenue Northwest will include installation of stormwater management infrastructure, new curbs and roadway pavement and new pedestrian facilities.

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