TOKYO (AP) _ Japan's automobile exports fell 15.7 percent in January to 332,815 vehicles from a year earlier on fewer shipments to both the U.S. and European markets, an industry association said Friday.

Exports of passenger cars tumbled 16.0 percent to 286,692, while shipments of trucks slid 12.7 percent to 43,786, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said. Exports of buses plunged 30.8 percent to 2,337, it said.

U.S.-bound exports fell 11.0 percent to 130,980, the first such decline in 17 months, the association said. Exports to the European Union dropped 27.0 percent to 83,404, the third consecutive decline.

But exports to Asia surged 44.5 percent to 24,734, the 10th straight monthly increase, backed by strong demand amid the region's economic recovery, the association said.

Shipments to the Middle East tumbled 40.1 percent to 18,027, while those to Latin America rose 3.1 percent to 21,384.

Exports to Oceania, which includes Australia, totaled 21,893, down 11.0 percent.