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Senate Panel OKs Anti-Milosevic Bill

July 28, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved a bill today aimed at spurring the removal of Slobodan Milosevic as leader of Yugoslavia.

With the support of the Clinton administration, the bill would provide $100 million to promote democracy in Serbia and Montenegro, which make up the republic. It also would authorize increased Voice of America and other U.S. broadcasts into Yugoslavia.

At the same time, the committee recommended several nominations to the full Senate, including a new Agency for International Development administrator, a special ambassador for counter-terrorism, and new ambassadors to several countries.

The anti-Milosevic bill, if it becomes law, would assist victims of Serbian oppression, reinforce sanctions against the Milosevic government and allow the withholding of U.S. contributions to any international financial institution that aids Yugoslavia over U.S. objections.

The administration shifted its support to the bipartisan bill pushed by the committee chairman, Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., after waivers were included to allow exemptions in the national security interest and to end sanctions when democracy is achieved. It also includes provisions aimed at preventing a negative effect on Montenegro, which has a democratic government often at odds with Milosevic.

The bill would ensure that all Yugoslav assets are blocked in the United States; deny visas to senior Serbian and Yugoslav officials and their families, while exempting Montenegrin officials; and prohibit other forms of assistance and cooperation with Yugoslavia.

Nominations approved included J. Brady Anderson of South Carolina to be AID administrator, Michael A. Sheehan of New Jersey to be coordinator for counter-terrorism and William B. Taylor Jr. of Virginia to hold the rank of ambassador in his current post as coordinator for aid to the former Soviet states.

Ambassadorial postings approved were A. Peter Burleigh of California to be ambassador to the Philippines, J. Richard Fredericks of California for Switzerland, Robert S. Gelbard of Washington for Indonesia, Barbara J. Griffiths of Virginia for Iceland, Richard Monroe Miles of South Carolina for Bulgaria, Carl Spielvogel of New York for Slovakia, Sylvia Gaye Stanfield of Texas for Brunei and M. Osman Siddique of Virginia for Fiji, Tonga and Tuvalu.

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