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Soybean Dust Blamed for Naples’ Gasping

December 17, 1993

NAPLES, Italy (AP) _ Dust from a shipload of soybeans sent 130 Neapolitans to the hospital this week with breathing problems and irritated eyes.

On Thursday, Naples breathed easier.

For nearly a week, experts searched for the culprit, checking car exhaust fumes, closing Naples to traffic Sunday, inspecting factories.

Then the experts turned to the port area, zeroed in on the Soya Queen, a ship that docked with a cargo of soybeans Dec. 10, the day the symptoms began - and bingo 3/8

On Wednesday, investigators found what they believe was the cause.

When the soybeans were being moved from the ship to containers on shore, the seeds apparently gave off clouds of dust.

Officials suspect a fungus in the dust caused allergic reactions.

Police have sought to prevent more dust being released into the air and ordered the cargo not to be moved.

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