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UN Says US Using ‘Bully Tactics’

July 24, 1996

UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ The United Nations says Washington’s threats to investigate allegations that U.N. officials have campaigned for Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali are ``bully tactics″ that smack of McCarthyism.

The United States has complained that U.N. officials are using their positions and funding to undermine Washington’s campaign to block Boutros-Ghali from a second term.

``It is pretty sickening to all of us that these kinds of allegations are being made against staff which is working under extremely stressful circumstances,″ U.N. spokesman Sylvana Foa said Tuesday. ``These are bully tactics.″

``These threats and blatant attempts at intimidating U.N. staff really smack of the McCarthy era,″ Foa said.

U.S. Mission spokesman James Rubin said Monday that Washington planned to look into how U.N. officials were being used to promote Boutros-Ghali’s drive for a second term. Boutros-Ghali’s current mandate expires Dec. 31.

Rubin offered no examples of what the United States considered inappropriate actions by employees.

U.N. officials have said that much of the criticism of Boutros-Ghali is unfair.

``It is the job of every single U.N. staffer to counter disinformation, no matter what the source of that disinformation,″ Foa said. ``We are here to defend this institution ... from unwarranted, unjustified and unsubstantiated attacks.″

Washington has threatened to use its veto to block a second five-year term for Boutros-Ghali and has called for a secretary-general who is more dedicated to reform.

Boutros-Ghali has won the endorsement of the Organization of African Unity. France, Russia and China have also indicated their support for the Egyptian diplomat.

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