Treasurer job sought by 2 in Grabill

April 5, 2019

Two candidates, including the incumbent, will be on the May 7 Republican primary ballot for the clerk-treasurer job in Grabill. Here’s a look at their background and views, based on responses to formatted questions:

Cynthia (Cindy) Barhydt

Age: 64

Current job: Clerk-treasurer for the town of Grabill

Education: Associate degree in business administration and earned certification for Indiana League of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers.

Political experience: Deputy clerk-treasurer for city of Woodburn, 2001-08; clerk-treasurer for town of Grabill, appointed in 2008, elected in 2011 for 2012-15 term and re-elected in 2015 for the 2016-19 term.

Why do you want to hold public office: Local public office is the grass-roots level of public service. It gives an individual the opportunity to interact with the neighbors, friends and acquaintances that are a part of everyday life. You have an opportunity to hear their input directly and they have an opportunity to hear yours.

Please identify the most important issue facing the office you are running for: We have a lot of exciting improvements coming to the Grabill community. We have been awarded two grants and presently have a project out for bid for improvements on the east side of town. The existing Town Council has been instrumental in keeping the momentum going and I feel that the existing continuity between the clerk-treasurer’s office and the council is one important aspect of that momentum.

If elected, how would you address this issue: It is important that we continue on the path that the town council has directed and, to work with the council members to see our vision for Grabill’s future fulfilled. This vision will continue to improve Grabill and the surrounding community with respect to infrastructure, aesthetics and quality of life. It is my desire to assist in helping to complete these projects, and be of service in the continual improvements and growth of Grabill.

Lori Nash

Age: 56

Current job: Manager, Cedar Creek Carry Out and Cedar Creek Beverage (30 years)

Education: Graduated from Woodlan Junior-Senior High School in 1980; received a technical certificate in transcription from Ivy Tech Community College in 1999. Maintains an active notary public license.

Political experience: I have been a polling site worker multiple times over multiple years.

Why do you want to hold public office: The hard-working people of Grabill deserve to have those they’ve elected to represent and serve them, and do just that: represent and serve. We have to work hard to budget and appropriate your money in the most responsible way to provide healthy growth for Grabill while ensuring its small-town beauty.

One of my goals is to create a better balance between the citizens of Grabill and the Town Council.

Please identify the most important issue facing the office you are running for: The clerk-treasurer position is administrative in nature and it is not involved in ruling decisions by the Town Council.

If elected, how would you address this issue: I would encourage residents to attend town meetings. I will do my best to keep the residents of Grabill well-informed of town issues being discussed, both positively and negatively. I am excited at the possibility of serving my neighbors.