‘Anything Goes’ opens at Beaver Dam Community Theatre this week

August 1, 2018

The actors, songs and sets are ready. The only thing “Anything Goes” needs now is the audience.

The summer musical for the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre premieres Friday night.

“People should expect the same great quality that we have always strived for,” director Diane Lutz said.

Audiences are invited to help the cast prepare at the final dress rehearsal Wednesday. Tickets for this special preview night are $5.

Lutz said “Anything Goes” is the last musical that will be performed in the small Spring Street theater. The BDACT Fine Arts Center, 117 W. Maple Ave., is scheduled to be completed in the fall. It will be a massive step up for performances, but Lutz said she is glad to have one last musical in the Spring Street building, where Lutz directed the first musical at the theater, “South Pacific,” in 1983.

“Clearly since we’ve been in this building for 35 years, we’ve learned to use this space,” Lutz said. “It’s a small space, but we incorporate the architecture into our productions.”

There are several familiar faces from the first summer musical in the building that will perform in “Anything Goes.” Diane Lutz was the director and her husband, Patrick Lutz, built the sets and performed in the production. So did Jena Berg, who has a starring role in “Anything Goes” just as she did in “South Pacific” 35 years ago. Jim McMillan also acted in both productions.

“It’s a really strong cast,” Lutz said about “Anything Goes.”

“Anything Goes” is set on the S.S. American in 1934. Berg, playing nightclub singer and evangelist Reno Sweeney, meets up with her pal Billy Crocker, played by Bryce Muenchow. Crocker stows away on the ship when he sees the newly engaged Hope Harcourt, played by Christina Frake, aboard the ship. He enlists the help of Sweeney, public enemy No. 13 Moonface Martin (McMillan) and many others as he tries to gain the heart of Harcourt.

The Cole Porter music will have people humming when they exit the theater, Lutz said.

“This show has a strong appeal to a variety of ages,” Lutz said. “There is a strong cast, great music, cool sets, fabulous lines and lots of dancing. There’s even tap dancing.”

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