Rejection of cupcake law disappoints

September 16, 2018

I’m so disappointed the (Kankakee) County Board did not pass the “cupcake law.” It is no longer just about the ability to sell baked goods from home. It is the principle of the matter.

Whatever happened to common sense? One board member said he was going to vote “no” in support of established bakeries. He has every right to buy baked goods anywhere he chooses. But for all who voted “no,” they took away my choice. It is my choice and my risk to take.

We are taking a risk whenever someone else makes/handles our food. We hope all rules and regulations are followed in every restaurant kitchen, but they’re not. We hope all grocery stores keep dairy and frozen foods at the proper temperatures at all times, but I know for a fact, they do not.

How far is this going to go? Where I’m allowed to shop for food? What restaurant am I allowed to enjoy a meal with friends and family? How about a little common sense and stop with the government overreach!

Kelly Krapil


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