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Harvard Law Students Demand Dean’s Resignation

April 17, 1992

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ Harvard Law School student groups demanded that their dean resign, saying that his attitude toward women and minorities encourages racism and sexism on campus.

The demand that Robert Clark step down follows an outcry over a recent parody issue of the Harvard Law Review, which mocked a feminist New England Law School professor who was murdered last year. The issue also poked fun at two black faculty members.

″Regrettably, the current conditions of Harvard Law School are beginning to resemble a deep South lunch counter,″ said Claudia Solomon, who read Thursday from a statement by nine student groups. The groups claim to represent a majority of the 1,620 law students.

Clark would not respond to the demand that he resign. But he denounced the Harvard Law Revue parody issue, saying:″I cannot condemn it strongly enough.″ The Law Review’s editors produced the Revue and the school paid for it.

The student groups charged that Clark’s alleged attitudes toward women and minorities encouraged ″racist, sexist and homophobic slurs″ in the parody issue, released early this month. The groups also have complained about what they say is a lack of minority faculty members.

The Revue featured a parody of an article legal advisor Mary Joe Frug wrote before her murder last year. It was titled, ″He-Manifesto of Post-Mortem Legal Feminism″ and carried the byline, ″Mary Doe, Rigor-Mortis Professor of Law.″

Ms. Frug’s article, ″A Postmodern Feminist Legal Manifesto (An Unfinished Draft),″ appeared posthumously in the Harvard Law Review and maintained that the law perpetuates the subjugation of women.

Groups represented at the rally included the Black and Asian American Law Students Associations, the Women’s Law Association and the Committee on Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Legal Issues.

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