Watch out for downed power lines this winter

December 29, 2018

COLUMBUS - If you’re out driving in wintery and windy conditions make sure to watch out for downed power lines.

Nebraska Public Power District Media Relations Specialist Grant Otten says winter storms can bring a few different threats to power lines including galloping, downed, or floating wires.

Otten says the first thing you need to do if you see a downed line is to not continue towards it.

“Then you need to call your local power provider because they’ll need to come out and de-energize the power line and then put it back in place so the power can get restored to that specific area.”

Otten says if a power line has fallen on your vehicle, and a fire or other emergency is forcing you to exit the vehicle you want take a couple of precautions.

He says to get to the edge of your vehicle and leap as far away as possible, landing on two feet, and never touching the ground and vehicle at the same time and then shuffle at least 25 feet away.

To report an outage or damaged power line call 1-877-ASK-NPPD or go to the website.

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