Charles Kotan: Lies and politics

September 19, 2018


I don’t like liars, and I do not like to be lied to. I encourage Republican campaign officials to stick to the truth and the issues if they expect to win in November. As a longtime independent, I usually vote for fiscal conservatives over liberals, but Martha McSally and Steve Gaynor’s campaigning disgusts me. Everyone deserves a defense attorney, and whining because Sinema’s firm defended a murderer is beyond the pale. Lying about what Sinema said about prostitution? What is the matter with these scum? My question: are Republicans trying to give away the November election? As things stand I will NOT vote for either McSally or Gaynor. Change your ways, liars. Grow a backbone, McSally — and learn to salute!

Charles Kotan

Lake Havasu City

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