TV media should be honest like print -- Jeff Virchow

August 24, 2018

I applaud the Wisconsin State Journal for joining the more than 300 other print media outlets in the country in writing an editorial affirming its commitment to fair, honest, factual and balanced reporting.

Now I’m wondering how we can encourage our local TV stations to make a commitment to apply the truth-in-advertising guidelines to the upcoming (and already started) onslaught of political campaign ads.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if broadcast media would band together and refuse to air any campaign ad that misrepresented an opponent’s position, took phrases and sentences out of context, and promulgated misleading and false information, not to mention outright lies?

Because I have little confidence something like that could happen, I’ll once again wear out the mute button on my remote to continue my resolve not to watch any political ads on TV during this campaign season, choosing instead to base my voting decisions on the more balanced information reported in print media.

Jeff Virchow, Prairie du Sac

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