Latest developments concerning Kosovo:

_World leaders meeting in Cologne, Germany, haggle over a promised huge reconstruction program for Kosovo. Russia blocks their attempt to explicitly exclude Yugoslavia from the aid program while it is still run by President Slobodan Milosevic.

_Serb troops, packed into armored vehicles, trucks and buses, accelerate their pullout from the southern Yugoslav province of Kosovo. NATO says the soldiers may be gone well ahead of their Sunday midnight deadline.

_Peacekeeping officials talk with the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army about how the ethnic Albanian rebels will demilitarize, as required under the Kosovo peace plan.

_War crimes investigators for the first time inspect sites of reported atrocities in Kosovo. A spokesman says ``the number of sites being reported to us is certainly larger than investigators anticipated.''

_Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Miolvan Bojic urges Serb refugees who have fled Kosovo to join organized convoys and return to the province within 48 hours.