Sen. Tom Udall will excel in whatever he chooses

November 14, 2018

Milan Simonich’s column always evinces his being informed and articulate. However, in his recent column (“Top candidate for governor sat out the race,” Ringside Seat, Nov. 5), he said that Sen. Tom Udall chose to “end his political career” in the Senate. Since Udall could easily become an excellent ambassador, secretary of the interior or EPA administrator under a different White House administration in the future, it seems to me that perhaps Simonich’s choice of words “to end his career” is a little premature. Though, undoubtedly, Simonich is correct in his overall assessment that Udall will do well in whatever he chooses to pursue.

Evan Rommel

Santa Fe

Not so welcoming

My wife, myself and two friends, all 70 years old, recently visited Santa Fe as first-time tourists. We had a wonderful stay despite the highly upsetting, if not traumatic, beginning. Our connecting flight from Phoenix was delayed for mechanical reasons, and we arrived at Santa Fe Regional Airport at 11:30 p.m. All airport services were closed. We discovered that there was no cab service and no bus service. The shuttle service number went unanswered, and our hotel did not have airport pickup service. We did not know anyone in the city. The security guards ushered us out of the building at midnight, despite our pleas to remain. While outside, pondering our fate, we realized that we could use Uber, thus saving us from a very cold night in the middle of what seemed nowhere.

This does not seem to be a good way to welcome tourists. Surely something could be done to provide basic — if not public — reliable transportation services from the airport whenever passengers arrive. Despite the unpleasant introduction, we will be returning to your unique and interesting city, which we really enjoyed.

Stephen Flamer

Vancouver, British Columbia

Please write soon

I am a fifth-grade student at Rains Intermediate in Emory, Texas. We studied about Christopher Columbus and would like to discover more about America, too. I am asking your readers to send postcards or letters so I can learn more about your city and state. I thank you in advance as we look forward to studying more about our country.

Please send postcards or letters to: Rains Intermediate, P.O. Box 247, Emory, Texas 75440, Attn: Mrs. Jones’ class. Thank you.

J. Bellot

Emory, Texas

Giving voice

I was extremely disappointed that The New Mexican chose to publish David King’s letter (“Evangelical Christians,” Letters to the Editor, Oct. 29), which urged that this group be called “evangelical Nazis.” What possible good could publishing this kind of Trumpian invective serve? I am no fan of evangelicals’ take on Christianity, religion or politics.

Sadly, The New Mexican has now proved itself hypocritical in its calls for Americans to be kinder to one another.

Steven Hecht

Santa Fe

No time change

Thanks to Keith Higgins for his no time change letter (“No time changes,” Letters to the Editor, Oct. 31). Many of us feel the same way. It’s about time New Mexico became one of the first — in staying with one time all year.

Darlene Muniz

Santa Fe

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