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Poodle Logs Long Hours As Office Helper

October 9, 2003

GLADSTONE, Mo. (AP) _ He’s been working like a dog for 10 years without a raise or promotion _ with only a tiny bit of a Beggin’ Strip every few minutes.

His name is Einstein, and he works as gopher. But he’s actually a 10-year-old, 6-pound toy miniature mix black poodle. At the Chiropractic Life Center north of Kansas City, Einstein’s full-time job is delivering patient records to the front desk.

``He adds a measure of peace to the office,″ said Bruce Rippee, the clinic’s owner. ``People come in here in pain, and then they see this cute fluffy dog, and that makes them feel better.″

Just a tap on the desk with files, and Einstein takes off to retrieve some files, short ears flapping and collar jangling.

The poodle stands on his hind legs and opens his mouth, ready to grab the charts and deliver them to the front desk.

He also comes running to greet patients when he hears the front door open. But he only has time for a quick pat on the head, because he is working.

``As soon as it’s after hours, though, he wants to be loved,″ said Jim Wyllie, who works at the office with Rippee.

But before quitting time, there’s no time for fooling around.

``Want to see him get mad? Watch what he does when I don’t hand him the file,″ Rippee said.

Einstein waited as Rippee dangled the papers, only to snatch them away. The poodle leaped into the air and let out two yelps.

Einstein has no formal training. He just likes to carry paper. ``It all started when I dropped a piece of mail, and he picked it up,″ Rippee said.

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