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Six Radical Rightists Arrested in Attack, Others Convicted

January 21, 1994

STENDAL, Germany (AP) _ Six radical rightists armed with baseball bats beat up three people in a house in eastern Germany, police said Friday. The attackers were arrested.

In Frankfurt an der Oder, two young neo-Nazis were convicted in the beating death of a homeless man. In Cottbus, two members of a self-styled ″Werewolf″ paramilitary group were convicted in the killing of a man during a robbery.

In the eastern town of Kloetze, masked attackers climbed over a courtyard wall Thursday evening, broke into the home and beat those present, police spokeswoman Baerbel Kunert said. The victims were Germans.

One man was slightly hurt when jumped out a window to escape, Kunert said. Two other men and a 17-year-old girl were hospitalized with head injuries, according to radio reports.

Kundert said she did not know what motivated the attack.

Most media attention has focused on the thousands of far-right attacks on foreigners since 1990, but an equal number of the victims have been Germans - many of them leftists.

In the Frankfurt an der Oder case, a 22-year-old man was sentenced to eight years and a 15-year-old to five years on charges of aggravated assault in the June 1993 beating death of the homeless man.

The court ruled that the two, who were drunk at the time, did not intend to kill the homeless man when they attacked him.

In Cottbus, a 19-year-old man was sentenced to nine years in jail for the December 1992 murder during a highway robbery. A 27-year-old man was given a 15-year sentence for attempted murder.

Although their full names were not released by the court, German newspapers have identified the two neo-Nazis as Daniel Langner and Jens-Werner Klocke.

Their group, later banned by authorities, called itself ″Werewolf Hunting Unit″ and saw itself as the elite troop of a future Nazi regime. The name comes from the Werewolf guerrillas who tried to fight on after the Nazi defeat.

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