NEW YORK (AP) _ Exactly one year after 8,000 machinists walked off the job at Eastern Airlines, several hundred union members and supporters rallied at La Guardia Airport to remember the strikers.

Vowing solidarity, representatives of dozens of unions stood Sunday in a cold, windy parking lot outside a Continental hangar.

''We're here to show the public that we're still on strike and we'll stay on strike for dignity in the workplace,'' said LeRoy Washington, general chairman of the machinists' union, ''and to tell people not to fly Eastern and Continental.''

The demonstration in New York coincided with others in other cities on Sunday.

''It hasn't been the kind of strike we wanted,'' Washington added, ''but today we celebrate the solidarity of the Eastern strikers. We're not going to give up.''

Eight thousand members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers struck over a new contract on March 4, 1989. Texas Air wanted the union to take a pay cut, change workplace rules and allow some work to be contracted out.

''It's great to have the support of so many unions,'' said Pete Voccola, a union vice president and the strike coordinator at La Guardia, who was still optimistic. ''We hope to either go back to work or put Frank Lorenzo out of business.''

''The airline is losing $2 million a day at a time when the rest of the industry is doing well,'' he said. ''So there's still a possibility of getting our jobs back. We feel it's salvageable.''

Gov. Mario Cuomo was invited to the rally. Robert Gollnick, state deputy labor commissioner, came in his place.

''The governor's commitment to these people is still strong,'' said Gollnick. ''But this is a federal issue and the federal government should be doing something.''

The atmosphere at the rally was not desperate, but demonstrators expressed frustration and anger towards Lorenzo, president of Texas Air, the parent company of Eastern and Continental Airlines.

''There are no kind words for him,'' said Washington. ''The injustice at Eastern Airlines was created by Lorenzo. Hundreds of hard-working men and women have lost their homes and their standards of living because of this man.''

''The man is devoid of any principles,'' added Ed Cleary, the New York State president of the AFL-CIO.

The union claims Lorenzo deliberately drained Eastern's resources to build a non-union airline.

Most people at the rally wore anti-Lorenzo buttons and displayed anti- Lorenzo signs. There were several chants of ''Down With Lorenzo.''

Other speakers called for President Bush to intervene in the year-old dispute and show support for union members in the United States.

''Mr. President, all over Eastern Europe, labor has risen up to lead their countries to freer societies,'' said George Poulin, vice president of the machinists' union for the Northeast U.S. ''You embraced them and promised to assist them, and rightfully so. But there's another eastern conflict - Eastern Airlines. It's time to embrace the Eastern strikers like you embraced Lech Walesa.''