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Afghan King Hopes To Return Home

March 28, 1987

HAMBURG, West Germany (AP) _ The deposed king of Afghanistan, Mohammed Sahir Shah, on Saturday was quoted as saying he wants to return home and help serve the cause of national reconciliation in war-torn Afghanistan.

″Any reconciliation can only be realized within the framework of a political solution that would be acceptable to the people of Afghanistan and that would ensure its legitimate rights,″ the former monarch was quoted as saying in an interview with the West German news magazine Der Spiegel.

″I am ready to serve my country for this cause, without any conditions.″

The magazine quoted the former king as saying he wanted to help stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan and to restore its peace and independence.

″There are encouraging signs in Afghanistan, especially with the recent Soviet statements on troop withdrawals, but experience has taught us to be cautious,″ Mohammed Sahir Shah said, according to Der Spiegel.

″I hope that the day will come when I can return to my homeland.″

He was deposed in a military coup in 1973 and now lives in Rome.

The Soviet Union sent troops to Afghanistan in 1979 and installed a more pro-Soviet government in Kabul. Moslem rebels have been fighting Soviet and Afghan government troops.

Der Spiegel reaches newsstands Monday, but the weekly distributed advance copies to news agencies on Saturday.

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