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Travelers at This Passenger Terminal Wear Camouflage

January 19, 1991

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. (AP) _ The passenger terminal here shares similarities with those at commercial airports.

Identifications are checked. Boarding passes are issued. Oversized baggage is piled near a wall.

But the passengers here all wear camouflage. And most have the same destination - Saudi Arabia.

Rebecca Boucher of East Fairfield, Vt., was among about 200 military personnel waiting to ship out Friday. The 18-year-old joined the Air Force in July after graduating from high school.

″My family is real scared because now they have two daughters involved in Operation Desert Storm. One is in Saudi and I’m going overseas, too. I’m very scared,″ she said.

Also waiting was Willie Carter Jr., 19, of Rochester, N.Y. He’s also in the Air Force.

″You can say I have mixed emotions,″ said Carter. ″But all in all, I’m behind President Bush.″

Michelle Griffith, another member of the Air Force, shared pictures of her 1-year-old son Aaron while awaiting her flight.

″It’s hard being single and having a little baby,″ she said. ″But I believe in my country and I believe in what I’m doing.″

Although the troops weren’t allowed to say where they were going, base spokesman Capt. Christian Geisel said all but a few were bound for Saudi Arabia.

Between 500 to 700 troops currently pass through Dover on their way to the Middle East, Geisel said.

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