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Japan Jobless Rate at 3.4 Percent

October 31, 1997

TOKYO (AP) _ Japan’s unemployment rate remained at 3.4 percent in September for the third straight month, the government said Friday.

The number of unemployed in September rose to 2.36 million, up from 2.31 million in August, said an official with the statistics bureau of the Management and Coordination Agency, which compiled the data.

Unemployment among men rose 0.1 percentage point to 3.5 percent, while unemployment for women fell 0.1 point to 3.3 percent.

The overall rate was at a record high of 3.5 percent in May and June. It also reached that level during both of those months last year.

As for those holding jobs, the number of employed in September grew 0.4 percent to 65.96 million from the same month last year.

Japan’s jobless rate would be significantly higher if calculated by U.S. or European methods. Anyone who has worked one hour or more by the final week of the month surveyed is counted as fully employed in Japan, but not in the West.

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