GOP must stop corporate welfare -- Ervin Ziegler

December 3, 2018

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, want to change the rules involving the authority of the governor. We elected Tony Evers, not Scott Walker.

That Republicans want to change a scheduled election for the benefit of incumbent Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly is a disgusting manipulation of the system. What about the cost to local governments to change the date of the election? I thought Republicans supported fiscal responsibility.

This reminds me of children changing the rules of a game while it is being played because things are not going their way.

The idea of giving incentives worth tens of millions of dollars to Kimberly-Clark smacks of corporate welfare. If this legislation passes, how long will it be before another large corporation threatens to leave the state if they don’t get a large giveaway?

We should just let them leave and give the money to the 390 workers who will be losing their jobs. According to my calculations, that would be about $250,000 apiece. They could use this money to relocate so they could get one of the jobs at Foxconn. That would benefit Foxconn because it would have 390 fewer workers to bring here from China.

Ervin Ziegler, Monroe

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