TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Employees at the Cities Service Building downtown have received a memo suggesting that their visits to restrooms be wrapped up in 12 minutes - or they'll be left in the dark.

Motion sensors that control lights will be installed in the next few weeks in all restrooms of the building occupied by Cities Service Oil and Gas Corp.

The switches will sense motion when people pass and turn on lights. If no motion is detected for 12 minutes, the sensors will extinguish the lights, according to the company memo.

A spokesman said the devices have been tested in one men's room in the building and have been found to be effective in reducing use of electricity.


McALLEN, Texas (AP) - The Immigration and Naturalization Service is singing the praises of its amnesty program with a new Spanish record, ''Amnistia.''

''It's a vehicle to get the word across to all the people who haven't applied to let them know that they really should come out of hiding,'' said the author, INS employee Art Zuniga.

His Spanish song will be used in a stepped-up campaign the INS is using to lure applicants to its one-year program offering legal residency to certain aliens as the May 4 deadline approaches.

Zuniga, 38, who grew up in the lower Rio Grande Valley in a family of farm workers and writes songs for a country-and-western band, said he wrote the song because he understands people who come to this country seeking work.

''Well, my friend, the time has come for those who have lived a long time in the country inhabited by Americans,'' he sings in Spanish. ''Recently, a law was passed. ... This opportunity will not come again in your lifetime.''

Two of the Valley's most popular Spanish stations already have agreed to air the song.