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Youth Substituting On Route Injured By Shotgun Blast

June 22, 1987

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ A 17-year-old newspaper carrier was shot in the head by a shotgun blast while he and his father delivered papers before dawn on the last day the teen- ager was substituting for another carrier.

Keith Edward Hurn remained in critical condition Monday, a day after he underwent surgery for a head wound.

Keith regained consciousness after Sunday’s operation.

″The first thing he asked was, ’Dad, did I get the papers thrown?‴ said his father, John Hurn. ″He was really that dedicated to finishing his job. He is like that in everything he does.″

Hurn said he and his son were about one-third of the way through the route delivering the Tulsa World early Sunday when ″I heard two shots, and one shot hit the car.

″I saw my son slump over to the side, then he popped back up again. He said ‘Dad, what’s happening?’

″I knew right away somebody was firing at us. I just took off for the hospital. Then he said, ’Dad, I’m bleeding.‴

Hurn, 47, said he did not know how serious the wound was until his son collapsed onto a stretcher at the hospital. He said buckshot struck the boy near his left eye and penetrated to his brain.

Police Lt. Randy Orndorff said authorities were investigating it as an intentional shooting and were trying to determine if the gunman knew his victim. A shotgun shell was recovered at the scene.

Keith Hurn, a member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, was delivering extra papers to help earn money for a trip to London with the symphony.

Jack Hallman, circulation director for Newspaper Printing Corp., agent for the Tulsa World, said Hurn worked an extra day Sunday substituting for another carrier who had not returned from vacation.

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