NEW YORK (AP) _ Actress Liv Ullmann is ''resting comfortably'' after an appendectomy at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The Norwegian actress' publicist, John Springer, said Wednesday in New York that Miss Ullmann returned to her Boston home over the weekend, after finishing the film ''Rose Garden'' in Germany.

She had intense abdominal pain and her husband, Donald Saunders, took her to the hospital where she had surgery Tuesday. Miss Ullmann is expected to return home in a few days.


BOSTON (AP) - When Liz Walker, a popular, unmarried television anchorwoman, announced she was pregnant in June 1987, she feared the worst.

''I expected to lose my job,'' said Walker, 37, of WBZ-TV. ''I expected to have to leave Boston. I didn't want to lose all the things that go with the job. But that paled next to the idea of being a parent.''

Walker, who is black, fielded intense criticism for being a poor role model for black teen-agers.

''After the announcement that I was pregnant, for three months every day there was incredible publicity,'' Walker said Tuesday. ''It passed. If it didn't pass, I would have left. I would have protected my child against coming into such an intense world.''

Walker still refuses to identify the child's father but said they are close and that her 15-month-old son, Nicholas, has a good relationship with him.

Walker recently signed a contract reportedly worth $3 million over five years. But her priority is her son.

''My child is the most important thing in my life,'' she said. ''The second is work - but it's not even a close second. Television is a job and my job is a big part of me. But television is not my life. I've got a kid who loves me, who kisses me, who hugs me, who makes me feel wanted. Television can't compare with that.''


AUBURN, Ind. (AP) - It cost him $1 million, but former baseball star Reggie Jackson has gotten his collection of 1950s and 1960s ''muscle cars'' back up to speed with the addition of about 30 more.

Jackson lost about 35 cars in an August warehouse fire in Oakland, Calif.

One of the highlights of the deal was a 1969 Camaro ZL-1, one of 69 models built for drag racing, according to a spokeswoman for Kruse International, an Auburn-based car auction company.

Jackson bought about 20 muscle cars at a Kruse auction last September, spokeswoman Renee Moreland said Monday.


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Michael Warren, who played on two NCAA championship teams at UCLA and later starred in the ''Hill Street Blues'' television series, still has a special fondness for the Indiana high school basketball tournament.

It's been a quarter-century since Warren left South Bend Central, but he says ''some of the memories of playing basketball for Central and just being a student there seem like they happened only yesterday.''

Warren will be in Indianapolis on Thursday as a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame's Silver Anniversary team. He and 11 other high school seniors of 1964 will be honored at the Hall's annual banquet at the Convention Center.

Warren played Officer Bobby Hill on ''Hill Street Blues.''


WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) - The search is on for a new Queen Azalea after festival organizers here took heat from local church members because their first choice, actress Julie McCullough, has appeared in Playboy.

Bill Cameron, president of the 42-year-old festival, said Tuesday that organizers and Miss McCullough had agreed ''that it would not be in the best interests of the Azalea Festival'' for her to be queen.

Miss McCullough, who plays Julie Costello on ABC's ''Growing Pains,'' was a 1985 Playboy cover girl and also a Playmate of the Month. In addition, the Dallas native appeared in a photo feature on ''Girls of Texas.''

''She was looking forward to this. She had gone out and bought clothes in preparation for it,'' Cameron said. ''She is the only person who is more disappointed than I am.''

The 55-church Wilmington Baptist Association opposed her selection.

An official at the ''Growing Pains'' office said Tuesday that Miss McCullough wasn't available for comment.

Asked if the festival committee would change its method of selection, Cameron said with a smile: ''We'll ask whether they've been in Playboy.''