Urban Meyer Gets A Pass

August 26, 2018

Nothing succeeds like success, the old saying has it, and there is no doubt that Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer is successful. He has three national championships to his credit and, as a result, the university pays him $7.5 million a year. The program, not coincidentally, generates $7 million for every home game. And it must be said the Ohio State board and administration, unlike those at Penn State, are not prone to panic. OSU did not sack Meyer after he not only failed to report but actively shielded an assistant coach from domestic and drug abuse charges. An OSU investigation found that Meyer knew of Zach Smith’s drug abuse, his misuse of university funds and that he had assaulted his pregnant wife, yet did not report that the chain of command — even though Meyer publicly claimed to have made such a report. The investigation found that Meyer deleted texts between himself and Smith before turning over his cellphone to investigators. Over several years, while admonishing Smith to clean up his act, Meyer also raised his salary by $124,000 per year. No such record exists regarding the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno’s handling of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children before PSU fired him. The OSU administration suspended Meyer as head coach for three games, but did not preclude him from attending practice. Meanwhile, there still is no expression of outrage from NCAA boss Mark Emmert or the Big 10 Conference, which also have taken a pass on doing anything about egregious sexual abuse claims by student-athletes against a gymnastic team doctor at Michigan State University and a wrestling team doctor at Ohio State. Apparently, the rush to judgment at PSU has evolved in a rush not to judge.

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