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Wine Factory Manager Executed for Selling Fake Maotai

November 18, 1992

BEIJING (AP) _ A former manager of a wine factory was executed Wednesday morning for selling ordinary white wine as ″maotai,″ China’s most famous liquor.

Luo Deming was the first person sentenced to death for producing fake or shoddy goods, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The nationally televised evening news said China’s Supreme Court sentenced Luo on Wednesday, and he was executed immediately by the Higher People’s Court of Guizhou province, where the crime was committed.

The report said that during the summer of 1988 Luo made $375,900 from selling bottles of ordinary white wine with fake maotai labels. It did not say how many bottles were sold.

Maotai, named after the Guizhou town where it is produced, is made from high-quality Chinese sorghum through a complicated distilling process. It is considered China’s best liquor and is served at state banquets.

The Guizhou Maotai Liquor Factory is the nation’s sole maotai producer and has annual production is 2,000 tons.

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