Wet harvest is sign of climate change -- Tom Umhoefer

November 7, 2018

Recently, my wife and I made our weekly stop at our local apple orchard for apples and cider. We chatted a while with the owner who mentioned the difficulty of this year’s harvest with all the rain. He said that in 41 years of owning his orchard, it has never been this wet.

He also sells hickory nuts supplied by someone else. That person has harvested hickory nuts for 80 years, and he too has never seen such wet conditions before this year, yielding a very low harvest.

These are signs our climate is changing.

Recently the United Nations released a report that definitively stated the Earth is warming faster than anyone thought, and humans are causing it. We have about 12 years to rapidly get to net-zero carbon emissions, before it’s too late.

Tom Umhoefer, Stoughton

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