Most agree with death sentence in Lawson case

March 9, 2019

On Feb. 28, a three-judge panel in Lawrence County sentenced Arron Lawson, 24, of Pedro, Ohio, to death for the murders of four people on Oct. 11, 2017.

Lawson had pleaded guilty the week before to four counts of murder in the death of Devin Holston, 8; his mother, Stacey Holston, 24; her mother and Lawson’s aunt, Tammie McGuire, 43; and Tammie’s husband, Donald McGuire.

He also admitted to nine other counts, which included a knife attack conducted the same day on Todd Holston, Devin’s dad and Stacey’s husband, as well as a burglary and abuse of a corpse.

Lawson shot Stacey Holston three times before raping her. When Devin arrived home from school at 4 p.m. — after Lawson called the boy’s school to make sure he would — he was lured into a back room with the promise of playing video games before Lawson shot him. Tammie and Donald McGuire both were later shot twice and killed after arriving at the home separately at different times when Todd Holston had called asking them to check on Stacey Holston after Todd Holston could not reach her throughout the day.

Lawson likely won’t be executed soon. According to the Ohio Bureau of Justice and Death Penalty Information Center, on average, because of appeals, about two decades pass between sentencing and the actual execution.

Lawson’s sentence was greeted with approval from a vast majority of online readers of The Herald-Dispatch who commented.

Stephanie Foster: “I’m not usually one for this, but if you can murder a child while they’re on their knees, I have no sympathy for you.”

Zachary Tackett: “Not to mention the fact that the kiddo was a family member.”

Kristy Blankenship Midkiff: “He said he murdered him because he asked too many questions.”

Dean Brotherton: “Prayers for his soul. He has got to be the most confused person. It is beyond sad and sickening.”

Ronda Karen Baker: “He will never see the death penalty. He will spend the rest of his days on death row. The justice system sucks.”

Beatrice Murdock Waugh: “Save the state money. Have the first hanging in years. He doesn’t deserve to live another day. Give him what he gave the four family members and on top of that an innocent child lured home only to be killed.”

Brad Henline: “Great job! Justice has been served.”

Lori Adkins: “He deserves the death penalty. He doesn’t deserve to live after killing four people.”

Lacey Cyfers-Ahmad: “Let the punishment fit the crime.”

Angelina Vincenza Russo: “That’s what he deserves.”

Diane Bright: “Justice for four people.”

Christi Spears: “When they give a death penalty, if they’d actually do that without the taxpayers keeping these type people for decades instead of dragging it out. America is too soft.”

Gale McComas: “Good ole fashioned hanging is what he needs. Sit in prison is what he will do for many years at the expense of taxpayers. That’s too good for him.”

Jared Thomas: “He absolutely should stay in jail for 20 or even 30 years before they exact his execution. How is there any punishment if he’s just immediately executed upon arrival? All of his crimes are heinous, but what he did to that child should haunt him for the rest of his existence. And trust me when I say the inmates in prison will be certain of that. Especially the fathers and grandfathers, provided they put him in population. If he spends the next 25 years progressively being reminded of what he’s done, and on occasion having physical pain inflicted on him, to ultimately know what fate lies at the end, only then to have it carried out, then we can agree he’s been punished. Otherwise if he’s giving the needle anytime soon, then just like a cowardly school shooter who takes his own life; he’s gotten the easy way out.”