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Migrants streaming into Tijuana, but now face long stay

November 16, 2018

TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — Exhausted migrants in a caravan of Central American asylum-seekers are napping on mattresses in a converted municipal gymnasium, while men play soccer and exchange banter on a crowded, adjoining courtyard.

Nearly 2,000 caravan migrants had reached the U.S. border in Mexico’s northwestern corner by Thursday, with more coming in a steady trickle of buses. The influx has overwhelmed Tijuana’s privately run shelters and the city opened a gymnasium and gated sport complex for up to 1,000 Thursday, with a potential to expand to 3,000.

With U.S. border inspectors processing only about 100 asylum claims a day at the main border crossing with San Diego, prospects are growing that the migrants will be stuck waiting in Tijuana for months.

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