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Pilot Aborts Landing

August 13, 1991

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ A pilot aborted a landing Monday at Sydney’s international airport at the last second because he feared his plane would collide with another jet, officials say.

The near miss between the airborne Ansett Airlines Airbus and the just- landed Thai Airways International DC-10 occurred in the afternoon. The two planes were carrying more than 300 people combined.

Kingsford Smith Airport has two major runways, which cross each other. It often makes use of simultaneous landings, in which one plane touches down, then stops short of the runways’ intersection.

But the Ansett pilot pulled up just 23 feet short of touchdown because he felt the Thai jet was not going to stop before the intersection, officials said. He throttled to full power and made another circuit before landing safely. Witnesses said the planes came within 100 feet of each other.

An investigation has been launched.

Derek Roylance, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority, said it appeared the DC-10 had been at fault for coming too close to the intersection.

But a Thai Airways executive, Janet Collingwood, countered: ″We have spoken to our pilot and he says he was cleared to land and followed all normal procedures for landing in a simultaneous runway operations situation.″

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