ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Police in Alaska's largest city are looking for three men and a woman suspected of kidnapping a man who was delivered severely injured and confined in an animal cage to a local hospital.

Anchorage police say the suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

Arrest warrants on charges of kidnapping and felony assault were issued Thursday for 28-year-old Macauther Vaifanua (vif-fan-OO-ah), 27-year-old Faamanu Vaifanua (fah-ah-MAH-noo vif-fan-OO-ah), and 29-year-old Jeffery Ahvan (AH-vahn). A kidnapping arrest warrant was issued for 21-year-old Tamole Lauina (tah-MOH-lay law-WEE-nah).

They are suspected of kidnapping 24-year-old Abshir Mohamed. His girlfriend last saw him Sunday.

Mohamed was taken to a home in east Anchorage.

Police say Mohamed was bound, beaten, caged and dropped off Sunday night at a hospital, still in the cage.

He remains in critical condition.