James Dalrymple: Medians and sprawl

March 26, 2019

Editor: I am opposed to proposed medians on State Route 95. What’s with local public officials all of a sudden wanting to install these concrete dividers everywhere? Not wanting to point a finger but is someone benefiting from these? Maybe we the people should do some investigating. I asked before for a real reason why these are actually being put in on Lake Havasu Avenue to no avail. We need answers. Please respond, city council members. If you are so desperate to spend our taxpayer money, how about starting by finishing the entrance to uptown McCulloch Boulevard? As it stands now we have pillars on either side of the street (at Smoketree) for years now. Most of the people who moved here wanted to get away from the concrete jungle and all the council wants to do is mimic it. We don’t want concrete and lights every where. This town will never be the next sprawling town like Phoenix has become, we do not have the area for it. Stop trying to shove it down our throats.

James Dalrymple

Lake Havasu City