Answer Man: ‘Ice Road’ show not headed to Rochester

March 6, 2019

Hail to the all-knowing: Rumor? Is it true that new episodes of the TV show “Ice Road Truckers” are being filmed right here in Rochester? It seems many of our streets fit their needs. — Al J.

Al: Yes, it seems like the Ice Road now runs through Rochester and southeastern Minnesota after last week’s blizzard. But did you pull yourself away from the rumor mill long enough to notice how that March sun, when it shines, clears some of the ice from the roads and streets? The folks working the snow plows get some credit, too.

I’m not in the weather predicting business (I know a lot of things, but not Mother Nature’s whims), but after Monday’s record low temperature, I’m fairly certain we’ve turned the corner and the ice road truckers will soon be driving on slush if they head this way.

The TV show, as you know, is filmed in Alaska, where, by the way, temperatures in Anchorage during the weekend were in the 30s, and in Fairbanks in the 20s. Compare that with southeastern Minnesota’s single-digit highs on Sunday.

By the way, Al, you sound like the kind of guy who misses studded snow tires and tire chains for winter driving. Grandpappy Answer Man still tells stories about trying to put those infernal chains on tires in the midst of a blizzard. He likes to point to them, still hanging on a hook in the garage, as a relic from the real ice road days.