Letter to the editor: We need Keith Rothfus

September 27, 2018

The advantage in the fall race between Keith Rothfus and Conor Lamb now goes to Lamb because of the state Supreme Court’s blatant gerrymandering. Polls have Lamb ahead, but don’t believe them.

Lamb is a young, handsome man with a silver tongue. He promises much, but remember -- you, the taxpayer, will pay for the expensive programs he and his fellow Democrats want to pass.

Rothfus is a proven conservative. His record shows that he has remained true to his working-man values. He can win re-election if his supporters don’t lose faith. HE is a good representative. Forget what the media and pollsters are saying. Just remember to vote for Rothfus.

President Trump needs true conservative Republican congressmen to support his programs. Rothfus is one who will support the president. We need him.

Kathleen Bollinger


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