Renaissance Academy hosts science fair

April 2, 2019

La PORTE — Students combined fun with learning recently as Renaissance Academy hosted their largest science fair ever with 188 entries.

Kieran McHugh, principal of Renaissance Academy located on U.S. 20 between Michigan City and La Porte said that this is the school’s seventh science fair.

“It’s a great way for students to really experience the joy of learning, which is our mission at Renaissance Academy,” McHugh said.

Students made project boards that outlined the steps they took along the scientific method.

Two judges interviewed participants while three others scored their boards based on a rubric the projects were organized around. First, second, and third place winners were determined at every grade level.

This was the second science fair for fifth grader Josh Jaracz.

“I got second place in my first science fair. It’s is a good way to learn about the scientific method and the thing you are researching,” Jaracz said. “My project was on how distracting cell phone use is when driving. [It] showed that drivers on cell phones are four times as likely to have an accident than those who are not.”

Jaracz won a first-place ribbon in the fifth grade competition. His sister Emmy won second, and his oldest sister, now in high school, also won first while attending Renaissance.

Geoff Cress, an alumnus and middle school teacher at Renaissance holds the title of first competitor turned judge.

Cress said that the “experiences where you can really see students enjoy their learning process are some of my fondest memories of my time at Renaissance and a huge part of why I was so excited to be able to come back as a teacher.”

— submitted Lucas Carroll

Renaissance Academy Science Fair Winners

Grade 1

1st Place — Arden Pace

2nd Place — Jude Gowan

3rd Place — Elliot Brough

Grade 2

1st Place — Reece Wallen

2nd Place — Alianna Simpson

3rd Place — Kyler Haverstock

Grade 3

1st Place — Faith Dodson

2nd Place — Laynie Puckett

3rd Place — Nicoles Wright

Grade 4

1st Place — Grayson Goodman

2nd Place — Sophia Williams

3rd Place — Tessa Lawrence

Grade 5

1st Place — Joshua Jaracz

2nd Place — Liam Gowan

3rd Place — Kayden Hall

Grade 6

1st Place — Liam Lilly

2nd Place — Lily Thompson

3rd Place — Jeremy Willis

Grade 7

1st Place — Ava Navarro

2nd Place — Amelia Jaracz

3rd Place — Sage Grohs

Grade 8

1st Place — Wyatt Steinhiser

2nd Place — JJ McWhirter

3rd Place — Gavin Goodman