County poised to adopt $91.5M budget

August 23, 2018

The Flathead County commissioners are on track to approve a 11.50 for the owner of a home with a market value of 3 million through property taxes. Last year the county levied 10.25 mills to collect 1 million, due to a 2.5 million, to 11.51 for a 6.4 million, compared to just over $8 million last year.

“This is the first budget in a long time that does not include a significant building or large infrastructure project,” Pence said.

At the top of the county’s capital project list is the justice of the peace office space. That department was slated to get a large part of the vacated county attorney’s space in the Justice Center, but the county instead took the space for a 40-bed jail addition.

“There has been an ongoing desire to find a solution where we could move our IT infrastructure and staff out of the basement of the Justice Center due to concern about potential flooding,” Pence said. “We have had public complaints about the limited space at the treasurer’s office. We will look at alternatives and see if we can find solutions over time.”

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