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Knight, Baylor Patch Up Differences

August 19, 1996

CINCINNATI (AP) _ Cincinnati Reds manager Ray Knight won’t tone down his dugout manner, which has rubbed Colorado Rockies manager Don Baylor the wrong way.

Knight celebrates his team’s homers with high-fives and hugs, a practice that annoyed Baylor over the weekend. After the Reds beat the Rockies on Sunday for the third straight game, Baylor took exception to the Reds’ demeanor.

``When they come to our ballpark, we’ll find out who the cheerleaders are,″ Baylor said. ``I’m taking notes.″

On Monday, Knight sought out Baylor on the field to assure him he was not trying to show up the Rockies. Knight also said he’s not going to change.

``I don’t think there’s any book anywhere that says you can’t get excited and be enthusiastic,″ Knight said. ``I’m always going to be Ray Knight and I don’t care what Donnie Baylor or anybody else says or thinks, as long as I’m not showing up their ballclub. And I’m not. I do it in the privacy of one-on-one in my dugout.

``I’ve sat over there in Colorado and watched them bomb the ball and high-five all over that dugout. When you’re getting hammered, sometimes you sit back and get hammered. I know one thing: When my guy hits a home run, I’m going to be there. And if I want to give him a high-five, I’m going to give him a high-five. They (the Rockies) shouldn’t be looking at me anyway.″

Knight and Baylor talked on the field for five minutes during batting practice. Both said there were no hard feelings.

Baylor was most disturbed by the way the Reds celebrated their four home runs in the eighth inning of Saturday night’s victory which gave them a doubleheader sweep.

``I said what I had to say. I meant what I had to say,″ Baylor said. ``I’m not backing off what I said. When you give up four homers in an inning, that’s embarrassing enough.

``He said some things, I said some things, and it’s quickly resolved.″

Knight came away satisfied as well.

``I don’t have any problem with the stance he’s taking,″ Knight said. ``He thinks there’s a professional way a manager does things _ not that everybody has to do it the same way.″

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