JERUSALEM (AP) _ Police searching a cave in the occupied territories on Friday found the bodies of two Arabs allegedly killed by fellow Palestinians as suspected collaborators with Israel.

Arab reports said the search was launched after the victims' families received letters signed by underground Palestinian leaders saying their sons were killed because they aided the Israelis. They letters reportedly said the bodies were buried in a nearby cave.

The victims were identified as Adnan Ijbarah, 28, and Ashraf Farhan, 22. Arab reporters said masked activists kidnapped the victims from their homes in Kalkilya in the occupied West Bank on Nov. 26. They said the two had been killed with sharpened tools.

Their deaths raised to 321 the number of Palestinians killed by their fellow Arabs, most on suspicion of collaborating with Israel. At least 779 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers or civilians during the three-year uprising and 57 Israelis have also died in the violence.

Elsewhere in the occupied lands, at least eight Palestinians were wounded by army gunfire during stone-throwing clashes, including a 19-year-old woman who was shot twice in the back, hospital officials said.

Also Friday, security forces announced they had uncovered a ring of Druse youths in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights who are suspected of spying for Syrian intelligence, army radio said.

The radio said the investigation began a month ago when two Druse youths attempted to cross illegally into Syria. One of the youths was killed and the other captured in a clash with the army.

State prosecutors plan to present formal charges against ''several'' youths from the Golan village of Majdal Shams, the radio said.

The Druse religion is an offshoot of Islam.